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Symphony CMS


Have been working with this CMS lately and find it lightning quick.. XSLT based templating engine. and complete customization of front end and back end. Really active community on the forums and lots of help to be had. IT takes a while to get into the structure and methods used to build your pages/templates.. I’m still picking up bits here and there… but, I can see the benefits of a lightweight PHP based install. This thing is twice as fast at page rendering than the Big bloatware giants of Joomla, Drupal etc.. wordpress is great for blogging and faking a CMS, but if your looking for a real from the ground up CMS platform… take a peek under the hood and you will see how flexible this system can be.

Love it! must learn more.. it will take more then an idiots guide to get to grips with this one, but putting the hours in wil be worth it!