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Ooooh Flash.. so nice :) This site has some lovely sequences of flash and After Effects animation. The Skills page is especially explosive.. ink clouds and crows. Really nice use of textures and assets. Found on website .

Multi language CMS solutions

Ok so, being in Wales and building websites for clients, very often invloves the use of multilingual content and the eventual need for a multi language Content Manegement System to administer the multiple languages that they require. I have been wracking my brain looking for a decent CMS that serves a lot of the needs

Google TV Just saw this showcased on the latest engadget show via Google seems to be trying to get onto our screens in the living room. And this app/yet another black box in the living room, is quite nice and it’s pretty quick too. Based on Chromium OS it has video chat and live channel

DaPipps live on!

Here is a VHS copied to youtube of our college adventures at GCADT. DaPipps was Me, Gavin Cox, Paul Nicholas and Owen Simons’ foundation course final project. Puppets were made by each of us and Marvin the Drummer was my invention. Here is the video in all it’s original VHS hissy audio glory! enjoy 🙂