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Jquery to the rescue again! – iframe wmode-transparent

Having played with the Anything Slider from CSSTricks – Chris Coyer, I wanted to incorporate this into a slider on my latest Symphony project. All was going well until I encountered the old Oembed differences that youtube and vimeo throw out and the lack of provision for us designers to style html elements on top of these iframe embedded markup that the youtube and vimeo oembed services provide… neither of them allow you to request a video into your JSON or XML with the wmode=transparent param.

Dot Cymru anyone?

What an opportunity we have here in Wales/Cymru. Fancy your own domain name with an imediate link to the motherland? There have been movements for a while to push for .cymru as a Top Level Domain option for Wales and welsh communities. I’m just imagining the possibilities for local clubs and businesses to announce there presence in Wales with

Symphony CMS – a Multi Language CMS

Over recent months I’ve been looking at ways and trying out approaches to Multi Lingual content in Symphony. Asking in the forum will provide a plethora of info on what works and what doesn’t. A post by jstar198 today has outlined a great approach using a Section to create static pages for clients.. see post

Bailey the dog gets his own website

Having such a photogenic dog on our hands has pushed us to build a little website showcase for him. is now live and it’s great to see what he’s been up to over the last few years in one place.

Gruff Rhys – Hotel Shampoo – Streaming Audio Player

Check out a widget I’ve recently created for Gruff Rhys. At work: Orchard @thinkorchard, we’ve been doing online banners for the promotion of Hotel Shampoo Album released on the 14th Feb. We we’re asked to produce a streaming radio player to showcase the Album in an interesting way. By animating the reduction of liquid in time