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Animation and Film DVD’s I’m trying to get rid of


Right, this is a long list of DVDs I have that might interest some of you..

Any offers accepted.. the rare ones usually £15-£10 but will negotiate down as I see fit and run of the mill ones £3 or so… so take you pick and email me at with a list of the DVDs you want and I’ll send payment request via paypal to that email address and check them off the list. First come first served…email me and I’ll strike off what’s been taken as quickly as I can.

Payment by paypal, once payment is confirmed and a small contribution towards postage has been added. standard: usually £1.20. I’ll ship it off to you a.s.a.p. Failing that I’ll drop a load off at the Atrium for those who are close by to pick them up from Animation Dept… 🙂

Note: some of these DVD’s are NTSC region 1.. if you have a multiregion or Region free DVD player you should be fine.

  • Masters of Russian Animation – Volume 1 £15.00
    (including: My Green Crocodile(Vadim Kurchevsky) and Man in the Frame (Fyodor Khitruk)
  • Masters of Russian Animation – Volume 2 £15.00
    (including: Fox and Rabbit, Heron and Crane and Hedghog in the Fog.. Amazing stuff, By Yuri Norstein)
  • Masters of Russian Animation – Volume 3 £15.00
    (including: Tale of Tales (Yuri Norstein) and Last Hunt(Alexander Karavayev) Check out what their going for on Amazon! yeah.. an arm and a leg:
    Amazon Prices Lets say £35.00 for all 3 of them or an offer and I’ll throw in a few rare and collected animations from Willis O’Brien and Ladislaw Starewics.. (These are DVD’s given to me from friends on Ebay) never been released just collections of reels on DVD.
  • The Cameramans Revenge and other fantastic Tales (Ladislaw Starewicz)  £7.00 Amazon
  • Blade Runner – the Origianl Directors Cut (Ridley Scott) : Amazon Prices
  • More – A Film by Mark Osbourne.. very rare: £15.00
  • Phill Mulloy – Extreme Animation £5.00
  • The Brothers Quay Collection. £20.00 Taken Amazon Prices
  • The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship.. £3.00 Amazon Prices
  • Rudolph the Red nosed Raindeer £4.00 Amazon Prices
  • The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb: £7.00 Amazon Prices
  • The Puppet Films of Jiri Trnka: £10.00 Amazon Prices
  • FIMFARUM.. Jan Wericha and Jiri Trnka: £10.00 Purchased through Czeck website ages ago and Saw it in Chapter during a film festival.. here’s a link to some clips.. some amazing stories and animation to be seen on this disc.. a real rare treat!
  • Alice – Jan Svankmajer: £5.00 Taken The twisted tale of Alice in Wonderland told by the master of weirdness! Also features the amazing aniamted short: Darkness Light Darkness…
  • Conspirators of Pleasure – Jan Sankmajer: £10.00 Taken Just sheer Genius here.. plus the pixelation masterpiece that is FOOD.. you have to watch this stuff! Now here’s a bargain concidering what Amazon are asking!
  • Gogs,GogsII and Gogwana: £10.00 Taken
  • Claymation classic on one DVD.. watch the evolution of the quality change from series to series and Gogwana is just sheer comedy joy! Amazon Prices
  • Will Vinton’s Claymation Christmas: £7.00 Amazon Prices
  • The Pink Panther Collection: all 124 episodes of the Original 60’s and 70’s series. £7.00 Amazon Price
  • Tarzan – Disney 2 Disc Special Edition I think.. £7.00 Loads of Extras… Deep paint/Canvas features an an an. lots like! Amazon Price
  • Thunderbirds – Complete original, tv series, disks 1-8: £15.00
  • The Incredibles – 2 Disc Collectors Edition. £7.00
  • L’inventaire Fantome – Rare French Stop Motion and Photoshop Animated Short. Search for “THe Phantom Inventory” online – Taken £4.00
  • Faust – Jan Svankmajers  Taken – hour long pixelation masterpiece.. awesome stuff. £5.00
  • Harvie Krumpet – Claymation Aniamted Short (Oscar Winner I think) £4.00
  • Wind in the Williows – Original Stop Motion Film. £4.00
  • The Iron Giant – 2D/CG Animated gem.. £2.00
  • Bringing Out the Dead – Nicolas Cage film about Ambulance Drivers.. £3.00
  • Memento – Guy Pierce- Pcycho mind game.. £3.00
  • The Fifth Element – Luc Besson Classic. £5.00
  • 12 monkeys – Terry Gilliam awesomenessnesnesnnssss.. £3.00
  • Vanilla Sky.. uhh you never know 🙂 £2.00
  • Time Bandits – A Gilliam early Film… £3.00
  • Jabberwoky – Theres A Gilliam theme going on here! £3.00
  • Brazil – 3 Disc Criterion Edition (Region 1) £10.00 – This is a cherrished DVD, but hey.. a good home is what it needs! Amazon Price
  • Alien – Ridleys early works.. scary stuff, for those that don’t have it! £3.00
  • Blade – £3.00
  • X-Men = £3.00
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon £3.00
  • Star Wars 3 Taken (Revenge of the Sith) £3.00
  • The Straight Story – David Lynch £3.00
  • Human Traffic – £3.00
  • Requiem For A Dream – £3.00
  • Pie – £3.00
  • Timecode (4 Camera angles in one screen..Salma Hayek from 4 angles sweet!) £3.00
  • Meet the Feebles – Peter Jacksons Puppet extravanganza! £4.00
  • Looney Tunes – Golden Collection: 4 Disc Collection £5.00
  • Evil Dead3 Army of Darkness: Double Disc set: £7.00
  • Star Wars – Clone Wars Season 1 and 2: £7.00
  • The Pied Piper of Hamlin and The Reluctant Dragon: From the Makers of Wind in the Willows: £3.0
  • King Kong – Original Stop Motion feature Film.. Will throw in Willis O’Brians early stuff i.e The Ghost of Slumber Mountain look it up to see what it’s all about!) £3.00
  • Akira – Double Disc awesomeness.. lots of Extras… and stickers.. (outer sheath is a bit rough but this disc is goooooooood 🙂 ) £5.00
  • Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonaughts First Release DVD’s with Ray Harryhausen Documentaries on there.. £7.00
  • Spike Jonze – The Work of Director Series – £7.00
  • Chris Cunningham – The Work of Director Series – £7.00 Taken
  • Michel Gondry – The Work of Director series – £7.00
  • Toy Story 1 and 2 DVD Box set with bonus features – £10.00
  • Rex The Runt the Complete 26 Episode Collection – £15.00
  • 24 Season 1 BOx set – £7.00
  • New Hitchhikers Guide the the Galaxy Film with Book – Box set. £4.00
  • Lemon Jelly – Music Video Collection 64 -95 – £7.00
  • Pictoplasma – Characters in Motion – Lush Animation from all over the World! – £20.00 Amazon price!
  • Avoid Eye Contact – The Best of independant New York Aniamtion! Including Animation from Bill Plympton and PES of Chair Sex fame! £8.00 Taken
  • ZenTV  DVD Ninjatune recordings – Music video/VJ visuals from COLDCUT, HEXTATIC and MR Scruff and more.. £8.00
  • Angry Kid – Season 1 dvd collection – £7.00
  • Creature Comforts – New Stuff – Season 1 Part1&2 DVD – £7.00
  • Corpse Bride DVD – £4.00
  • Wallace and Gromit – Curse of the Were-Rabbit – £4.00
  • Aardman Classics with booklet – Includes all the original Animated Shorts inc Pib and Pog, Wats Pig, and Heat Electric original Creature Comforts series – £5.00 Taken
  • Team America – World Police.. £3.00
More to follow….

Also a Signed Ray Harryhausen – An Animated Life – Book is up for grabs.. It was at Animated Exeter about 4-5 years ago in a Waterstones store in Exeter.. offers accepted! Amazon Price for Hard Back
Note: This does say “To Andrew  and then lower down Ray Harryhausen”