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Why BBC never took to Sesame Street


Nice article on BBC about the decision to not air Sesame Street on the BBC.

The show crossed the Atlantic 18 months after its US launch, but the BBC rejected it because of its “authoritarian aims” in trying to change children’s behaviour.

Lucky I had Channel 4 then eh! the buggers!

Jackboots on whitehall


OMG.. Is this a homage to Team America??

Looks quite funny though!

It’s what I would’ve done with action men! BLOW SHIT UP!

DaPipps live on!


Here is a VHS copied to youtube of our college adventures at GCADT. DaPipps was Me, Gavin Cox, Paul Nicholas and Owen Simons’ foundation course final project. Puppets were made by each of us and Marvin the Drummer was my invention. Here is the video in all it’s original VHS hissy audio glory! enjoy 🙂