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Symphony CMS – a Multi Language CMS


Over recent months I’ve been looking at ways and trying out approaches to Multi Lingual content in Symphony. Asking in the forum will provide a plethora of info on what works and what doesn’t. A post by jstar198 today has outlined a great approach using a Section to create static pages for clients.. see post here > Creating a multi-lingual site with localised URLs

I’m looking forward to trying this out very soon.. woop! Symphony really does rock!

Pushing new posts from wordpress to tumblr


Just added a plugin called tumblize to my blog which allows posting to tumblr from WordPress.. wooop. Let’s hope it works eh!

Bailey the dog gets his own website


Having such a photogenic dog on our hands has pushed us to build a little website showcase for him. is now live and it’s great to see what he’s been up to over the last few years in one place.